You Should Write a Book by Amy and Alex (Stacking the Bricks)

You Should Write a Book

An in-depth talk + Q&A with Amy Hoy

Teach what you know, help people, earn 💰.

  • You can write a book (or create a screencast, or a course, or any other product. 
  • You can make money from it. 
  • And you can do it for the good of others. 

In this previously-live-from-the-internet talk, Amy Hoy (not just an internet business jackass!) will tell you how, too, from what to write about to which tools to use. 

(Hint: it's nowhere near as horrible as you think.)

Don't want to write a book?

You should still come! The same exact rules and process apply to workshops, video classes, screencasts, courses, anything where knowledge and process is crystallized into a reusable format.

Note: This LIVE event has already happened! This video is a replay containing all of the lessons, examples, stories, as well as the audience Q&A at the end. 

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