Sales Safari 101 Workshop by Amy and Alex (Stacking the Bricks)

Sales Safari 101 Workshop

The ONLY way to learn Sales Safari outside of enrolling in our flagship course, 30x500.

You want to start or grow your business.

You want to figure out what to write to attract your audience, what product to build (or what to add to the one you’ve got), how to persuade people to read and buy and share…
  • But what should I write?
  • What should I make?
  • What headline should I use?
  • What price should I charge?
And then there’s the big one: Will anyone read, want, or buy this thing, anyway!?

To answer these questions, most of us employ one of four main strategies:

  1. You can guess. Eek.
  2. You can write/make/charge what you would want. But you are not your customer. 
  3. You can cold-call total strangers and ask them what you should do. But human nature says that even if they WANT to invest that much time in you, they’ll be too close or too nice or too optimistic to be helpful…
  4. You can also throw a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. Do you really have time for that?

All four approaches leave too much to chance, to your gut, to invested strangers, and to infinite work-time. They depend on magic. And not in a good way.

Is there room for magical faerie sparkles in your goals?

Hell no! 

You want the opposite of magic.

You want a repeatable process that delivers results.

You want SCIENCE!

You want Sales Safari. 

Sales Safari is an our audience research method designed based on the field of design ethnography

Here’s the heart of the Sales Safari strategy:

To learn how people
really behave, observe them in their native environment.

Rather than cold-calling with leading questions, when you go on Safari, you find your customers online — forums, mailing lists, LinkedIn, blogs, chat, Twitter. You use techniques to analyze what they post and do, and you'll learn how they talk to each other and about their problems, what they want and need, recommend and hate, buy and share. 

All with NO creepy cold-calling and NO spammy cold-emailing. 

You just drop in and observe what they're already doing, in public. They won't even know you're there.

Then once you've mined tremendous value from Safari, you can use their actual behavior to design your product, their actual words to write your copy, their actual questions to tailor content marketing they can't resist.
There's more to Safari than just "reading."

When you're in "reading" mode on the Internet, you're always thinking about how what you read applies to you. And it's true, you are not your customer.

Sales Safari is a way to look beyond the surface of forum threads and blog comments and read your audience's mind.

Over the past 7 years, I've turned Safari into a step-by-step process to help you extract business gold from seemingly mundane internet chatter. 

There are rules for the types of content, categories for the data you find, techniques to learn to write and speak like your audience, and rules for ferreting out the most wily and subtle of pain points.

After they learn how to Sales Safari, our students often say, "I can never read the internet in the same way again!" 
YOU can learn how to Safari, on your own time

For the first time ever, you can learn Safari without enrolling in our complete flagship 30x500 class (normally $1999). 

Note: This was originally a LIVE event, but you're still able to purchase an interactive replay (plus cheat sheets and more) for $99. 

You'll learn how to Safari, how to begin applying that shiny shiny Safari gold to your headlines, content, and product — and you'll get a live Safari experience on two audiences.

You'll get the videos, the lessons, the transcript and recordings to save and review forever.

Plus the printable rules, checklists, and worksheets. 

For the 3 hour experience, videos, transcripts, and printable goodies… you'll pay just $99.
The cost of one nice dinner out. That's a teeny tiny fraction of the value you'll receive! If the superpower of reading minds helps you make just a couple more sales of your (future?) product, it'll pay you back in spades.

What's included?

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Sales Safari 101
Sales Safari 101 Workshop
(3h 15m 54s)
Safari 101 Cheat Sheets
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Bonus Safari Examples - Quora
Quora - Overview
12 mins
2 - Quora - Worst Design
10 mins
3 - Quora - CSS so frustrating
12 mins

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