Landing Pages that Sell by Amy Hoy

Landing Pages that Sell

You don't have to be a great writer to write copy that sells like crazy! Learn about the five parts of an effective sales page and how to spot (and fix) the flaws in your landing page.

You've got a big problem.

You're leaving money on the table. People are finding you, they're looking at your product… and they're walking away.

No, you don't smell bad. Your product doesn't suck. The gods don't hate you. And yet…

People come. They look. They don't buy.

*whispers* It's your sales page.

Maybe it's pretty. Maybe it's modern. Maybe it's even animated

Maybe it's full of ~benefits~.

And yet… it's making your future customers walk away. 

I don't need to see your sales page to be absolutely, 100% certain that this is true.

You see, I've analyzed thousands of landing pages over the last decade — and almost every single one is riddled with customer-repelling mistakes. And we're talking big, low-hanging fruit here, not niggling little nit-picky details.

You're making BIG mistakes.

And while you're most definitely not alone, that's not that much of a comfort, is it? It's good to know that everybody's making the same mistakes. But that relief doesn't actually put more money in your pocket.

But there's a darker problem here: everybody is making the same mistakes… and when (duh) their sales suck, everybody offers each other the same advice.

The same bad advice. #GrowthHacking

If the underlying approach to your sales page is wrong — and it almost certainly is! — then… 

  1. Split-testing will merely "polish a turd."
  2. "Social proof" is just a bandaid.
  3. Increased traffic will go to waste
  4. Advertising? You might as well just light that money on fire.

"Growth marketing" tactics just toss time and money into the gaping maw at the top of your funnel, only to leak out later; you don't fix a sinking ship by bailing faster.

You need to fix the holes.

And when it turns out your ship isn't even made of stuff that will float? It's time to go back to the drawing board.

Worst of all, because the customers most impacted by these mistakes simply disappear, they can't tell you what went wrong.

But I can.

Hi. I'm Amy. I hate sales calls. I hate cold emails even more. 

I've sold millions of dollars' worth of products using sales copy alone. And I've helped my students —copywriting newbs! — sell millions of dollars more. 
Having Amy roast the shit out of our copy and help us build it back up took our sales page from “eh, meh.” to “amazing” and added very real $$$ to our bottom line. 

Writing good copy isn’t an accident, it’s a learned skill and we’ve learned so much from the 30x500 PDF approach that will keep people whipped into a buying frenzy for years to come.
Joel Hooks,

I can teach you to do it, too.

It doesn't matter what your background is.

You don't have to be a great writer to write copy that sells like crazy.

And you don't have to be a great designer to make a landing page design that gets out of your way.

After all, your buyers don't care about how slick your graphics are or how sexy your sentences. They don't care who you hired or what you learned. 

Buyers only care about what matters to them.

When you bake this fact into everything you do, when you start off with good stuff, everything gets so much better: sales, traffic, churn, split-testing…

The right copy in the right design. That makes everything possible.

Sadly, there's a ton of information out there on the "turd-polishing": how to tweak your headlines, how to test button colors. There's very little out there on how to start with good stuff worth optimizing.

(Except, of course, 30x500 — my $1,999 class that takes you from no idea to launch.)

Turd-polishing is simple. Relentlessly focusing on your customer? Well, it doesn't have to be hard. But it's not easy.

It's not instinctual. Actually, it goes against every instinct you have: it's only natural, when you sit down to write about your product, you write about your product, and not the customer.

You can get good at this on your own, if you're willing to put in a year or two of intense independent study. 

Or… you can take a shortcut. 

You can build your instincts the best way psychologists know how: by example.

Learn from others' mistakes.

There's nothing more instructive than watching real-world examples — just like yours! — get critically ripped into pieces by a pair of experts who analyze every flaw and demonstrate how to fix them.

In copy world, that's called a "teardown" — and teardowns are amazing. They offer you all the benefits of a personal critique… and none of the side effects. It can be hard to absorb good advice when you feel like your work is being criticized. But when it's someone else's work? CRIT ON.

This December 14th, Alex and I are hosting a rare live workshop called Landing Pages That Sell.

You'll learn about the magic trick that opens wallets (hint: it's relentlessly focusing on your customer).

You'll learn about the five parts of the sales page… and how to relentlessly focus every single one focuses on the customer.

(Because while I just told you the magic trick, "knowing the trick exists" doesn't mean you can pull it off. Yet.)

You'll learn the dirty secret about all those sexy, designer landing pages you try to emulate. (Hint: they convert like crap!) And how to avoid copying their mistakes.

And, speaking of teardowns — there will be teardowns. You'll learn how to spot the flaws in your landing page… as Alex and I ruthlessly critique real-world examples we've found in the wild, and discuss how to fix each of their flaws.

I'll even teardown myself! You'll learn how I transformed the old Freckle landing page from a "traditional" SaaS page that converted like 💩, to the new page that converts 2.5x the original.  💸

You'll walk away with a recording, outline, and checklist to use every. single. time. you sit down to write any kind of sales pitch whatsoever (landing pages, sure — but also pitch emails and even persuasive content marketing!). 
The PDF approach to copywriting more than recouped my investment with something silly like 3-5 hours of work rewriting my sales page.

It's only change I made at the time: no product updates, no traffic level changes, or anything else

This workshop is such a no-brainer.

- Jason Forrest, 

Join us on December 14th.

We'll be live:

The workshop + teardown portion will be 2 hours, followed by a 30-minute Q&A.

Tickets are just $99 —  the cost of a fancy dinner out, but with a much higher ROI. You'll receive the lessons, recordings, and extras to refer to and use over & over again. 

You'll learn how to stop leaving money on the table. And you'll stop pouring limited resources into a leaky funnel. 

  1. Focus on your customer. 
  2. Fix your sales page. 
  3. Make more sales.

We'll see you there.

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Will there be a recording?

Yes! All live attendees will get access to a recording of the entire workshop (along with the downloadable slides and checklists) afterwards. 

If you don't attend live, we may not get to answer your question during Q&A but you'll get to listen to our answers to everyone else's questions.

Will there be time to ask questions?

Yes! We've set aside the last 30 minutes to answer YOUR burning questions. 

Use your creative skills to make products people WANT to buy.