Amy's SaaS Launch Playbook (Video Edition) by Amy and Alex (Stacking the Bricks)

Amy's SaaS Launch Playbook (Video Edition)

Ever wondered how I come up with products, build em, and launch em?

I'm a product nerd.

After launching more than a dozen successful products (plus a couple of flops, and one success that I shut down on purpose), I've learned a ton of hard but valuable lessons.

You can learn the easy way, and for just $14.

This video is focused mostly on the nitty gritty details of launching my newest SaaS, with lessons like:

  1. Audiences you won't hate
  2. Identifying valuable pain
  3. Designing for that pain (OMG nerd alert: design theory framework)
  4. How to kick off your marketing and get signups
  5. How to write a wallet-opening sales pitch
  6. BONUS: how to mange your scope for a quick launch!

Use your creative skills to make products people WANT to buy.