Flip the Bit!

Learn how to turn failure into success through tiny wins, and flipping bad habits into good ones with two video lessons, guided exercises, and workbook.

As they say, “The Struggle is real.”

We first started noticing The Struggle when students who paid good, hard-earned money to enroll in our flagship course – 30x500 – and the seemed to go out of their way to avoid completing assignments.

They’d fall behind. They’d self-flagellate. Rinse, repeat.

Over and over, we saw the same behaviors. We watched as smart, hardworking creative professionals would:

  • read the lessons but not really internalize what they learned
  • or worse, skip over lessons, often thinking “I don’t need this”
  • believe that their deepest fears and anxieties were the most likely outcomes, and stop dead in their tracks 
  • find or create distractions when things got tough or confusing
  • get excited about something new, but disappear as soon as the excitement wore off
Sound familiar? Keep reading to learn how we turned the ship around!

We tried warning people that these mistakes were common, and avoidable. But those “warnings” turned into reminders that had to be repeated over and over and over.

Which led to more distractions. And more self-flagellation.

Finally, after many months of observation and research, we discovered the single common cause of nearly every struggle our students had:

Their habits.

You see, most of us have been groomed by our personal and professional lives to go in one direction.

  • Our students would see ideas they thought they understood and a habit would kick in. They’d skim instead of study.
  • Our students would start feeling anxious when they tried something new and a habit would kick in. They’d avoid trying for fear of “doing it wrong.”
  • Our students would get a burst of creative inspiration and a habit would kick in. They’d put the unsexy research aside to start building.
We realized that our lessons tried to change peoples' direction without first modifying the underlying habits that would continually take them off track.

So, research nerds that we are, we dug into the studies, materials, and techniques developed by habit experts like BJ Fogg and Charles Duhigg and instructional design experts like Kathy Sierra.

Then we took these ideas back to the lab and created a new set of lessons and exercises.

A mini course designed specifically to help people analyze and change their own habits. 

The first time we ran this new “mini course” we started hearing something different from our students. People were literally having epiphanies about why they’d struggled in the past without us having to explain it to them.

Most importantly, this was also the first time we saw a dramatic increase in our students’ results.

After using our new habits mini-course, more of our students beat the struggle to go from zero to one.

And that’s the hardest struggle of them all.

Now you can learn the same outcome-boosting practices that have helped thousands of 30x500 alumni for just $39.

Flip the Bit is our guide to help you practice spotting your most struggle-ful habits and change them into positive, successful habits!
Start changing your fail-habits into successful ones

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